LQ Outpost in Jan in the Valkyr Range of Interior British Columbia

Valkyr Adventures

(all pics by Lee Lau or Sharon Bader unless otherwise noted)

Backcountry skiing is apparently now a thing as is the experience of touring out of a hut located at 2190m elevation at the doorstep of the alpine in the Valkyr Range. When old friend Simon contacted me with news that his colleague Tyler had a prime week at the LQ Outpost it took little time to rope a few friends into getting on to this guided, catered trip.

This page is an overview.
For more on day 3 and 4 (pics and map) see here
For more on day 5 and 6 (pics and map) see here

Day 1 – 315m Climbing, 2 hrs Magic
Day 2 – 1345m Climbing, 7:40hrs, Broom Broom Magic
Day 3 – 1360m Climbing, 8hrs, Poopshoot, Magic, Turbo Machine
Day 4 – 1100m Climbing, 6hrs, Machine X 2
Day 5 – 520m Climbing, 3:30hrs, Broom X 2
Day 6 – 850m Climbing, 5:50hrs, Upper Magic, Windy X 3, Home Ridge

Tyler Higgins info@flowguidingservice.com

Simon Beland sim001@hotmail.com

Evening light at the lodge

Peter of Alpine Dreams at meal prep

We had a truncated week due to a crappy pilot who couldn’t handle the weather and Kootenay fog so missed out a day and a half.

Our Group (top then bottom – L to R)
Steve our custodian, Simon (Guide), Tyler N, Jim, Sharon, Lance, Remi, Mark, Tyler Higgins (Guide), Misha, Dom, Dermot, Nicolas, Lee, Amelie, Peter (cook)

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