Sentry Lodge Feb 10 – 17, 2023

Golden Alpine Holidays

This page is an overview of our week.
For more photos and Maps of Day 1 – 3 click HERE
For more photos and Maps of Day 4 – 7 click HERE

Sentry Lodge is part of the Golden Alpine Holidays (GAH) family consisting of four ski-touring huts. It’s just a bit north west of Golden in the Esplanades; a sub-range of the Selkirks and in the belt of snowy torrents that hits both the Selkirks and the western Rockies.

Day1 – Quiver, Profanity Peak. 540m Climbing, 3:20hrs
Day2 – Excalibur Glades, Rampart Glades, Gallows. 1130m Climbing, 6:30hrs
Day3 – Siege, Archers Woods, Plum Line. 1040m Climbing, 6:30hrs
Day4 – Elevator, Plum Line light, Archers, Dont Tell Russ. 1000m Climbing. 6Hrs
Day5 – Rasta Pass, Stairway to Heaven, Upper Shield. 840m Climbing, 5:45hrs
Day 6 – Midship, Kashmir, Riders of Rohan, 760m Climbing, 6hrs
Day 7 – Excalibur Glades, Gallows. 600m Climbing, 4hrs

Sentry hut is DE-luxe. Our first time there was in 2020. In 2020 we were guided by Neil Warren and had an epic week of perhaps the best stability that even Neil has encountered in decades of skitouring the Esplanades; coupled with cold powder snow.

This week we were self-guided and catered.

Had a nice chunk of cold bluebird so we could explore during mid-week

Started off the week with good snow which kept Georg content

Good snow in the Rampart zone

Sentry Lodge is three stories. The lower floor is where we kept the skis outside, consisted of a large work space that was cold for beer storage, a room with a fireplace to dry gear and a bedroom. The second floor consisted of the main socializing area with another fireplace and stretching area, kitchen, rooms for three+ people, the gear room where we kept our day packs, one washroom with pea toilets. Upstairs had 7 bedrooms and another pee toilet. There were two pit toilets outside for other business. Outside was also a sauna with hot shower.

The lodge also has Starlink wifi and a tv (perfect for the sports fans who caught the Superbowl!).

Hut views on a wonderfully clear day

Massive dining room

Sauna moonlight

SuperBowl chilling

While many people talk about the lodge (which is nicer than many people’s houses!) the terrain isn’t half-bad. We also lucked out with weather. BC had a low snow year so we were nervously checking snowpack levels. In the 2 weeks before our week of skiing snow levels went from 110cms (low!) to 165 cms (moderate!). Creeks that were exposed got covered. Slide alder that limited skiing and kept runs short got buried! Terrain that wasn’t skiable suddenly came into play. It snowed a pile before we got there; stayed cold; and then turned bluebird. Acceptable!

For our week we were self-guided. Our cook was Stuart (working with Mo’s Mountain Cuisine); our custodian was Michael.


Stuart who made a massive chocolate cake for Saar’s birthday

We made a full size map for Sentry that you can download and print here (not geotagged). There is also a nice 3d visualizing made by Boon Maps for all the GAH huts via Apple and via Android.

Thanks to the crew, custodian and chef for making our week great!

Lance, Graham, Andy, Gareth, Aaron, Perly, Geoff, Irena, Sharon, Georg, Chris, Lee, Saar, Glade.

Stuart White And Mike Newberry

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