Sol Mountain Lodge 2019 Self Guided Trip

Sol Mountain Lodge 2019

13 People on a self guided, catered by Min 7 day trip.

We booked this trip two years ago on a previous self guided trip, as well in 2018 on a last minute guided trip. Such is life when you want to stay at one of the nicest lodges in the Monashees! But with 5 toilets and 3 showers a sauna and delux roughing it accomodations, those who know, know. This lodge books up fast and we might not be able to go again self guided. We have gone in guided and that does not suck either. In fact your likely hood of getting cliffed out diminishes.

Also this lodge offer summer hiking and mountain biking. So if you’re in Revy its worth checking out in the summer too!

Our Group;

Jessie, Chris, Min – our cook – Gareth, Gavan, Grahame, Linda, Sasha, Lee, Sharon, Saar, Megan, Dave. Dave and Jamie – not shown – were our custodians.

Sol Mountain Touring 2019 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

We flew in on Glacier Helicopters from Revy. 70km flight to the South East. People who go from Revy fly in first and fly out last.

The air donkey

Aerial View

We’re here!

Since we arrived first Lee, Gavan and I did a short tour to Shiraz and Merlot

Skiining up Merlot, with French Connection and Norquay in the background.

Min was our cook and she baked a lot of cookies!

Day 2 was sunny, cold and begged for a tour to Sol Mountain. Today a group of us skied Solitude off Sol Mountain. A 780m Descent from 2388m to 1600m.

Sol in the back

Dropping into Solitude

Looking back up Solitude as we skin back towards a minor lake near Burnt Knob where Falllopian and Tubal exit.

We then split the group with some doing laps off Sol Mountain down the N facing trees

Jessie on Tubal

View from across Fosthall of Solitude and a tour Lee and Gav did on Jungle Speed.

Gav, GQ and Lee wandered off to Twin Peaks to ski a N face and scope out lines.

The yoga room to stretch after a day of skiing!

The next day we headed to Fosthall. Lee, Gav and Grahame skied from the top of Fosthall. Myself, Jessie, Saar and Dave skied Bermuda Triangle and Avalang. A bunch of others lapped Avalung.

Bootpack up to Solmanity/Bermuda Triangle peaklet.

Jessie and I at the top of the Bootpack. We could see Lee, Gav and Graham on the ridge in the back.

Bermuda Triangle into Peters Glades area.

Our Tracks in Bermuda Triangle.

Lee’s crew at the peak of Fosthall.

Gavan dropping into Fosthall.

Grahame dropping into Fosthall.

Grahame in Fosthall

Gav in Fosthall
Looking back up Fosthall
Grahame on some Moosetracks before a Crystal Vision lap!

So much food cooked by Min! Each morning a hearty breakfast, soup and snacks when we came back, before a hearty dinner.

Even the people coming back late had plenty to eat!

Day Three a bunch of us went to the top of Mt. Baldur and skied into Funky town, Funky Chicken and Chicken Knob. Lee and Gav skied Jungle Speed where they found lots of windslab and sketch conditions.

Windy today!

One zone we hadn’t skied in our previous two trips was French Connection. We did ski Solace on our first trip and this made us want to check out this zone more. Conditions on this trip made this area Good To Go.

Looking down French Connection

Lee dropping in. Bomber.

Gav getting excited.

Me coming out of French Connection.

We went back up and skied Norquay.

Then the ski back to the hut on the road you drive up in summer.

The next day we went back for more. Two Norquays and three French Connection Norquay variations.

Saar, Dave, Lee and Gav on a French Connection higher entrance variation.

French Connection Norquay Variations.

Skinning back in the Sunset.

Close to home.

Chilling in the lodge – except the upper right photo with Dave and Jamie folding laundry!

Overview of what everyone skied during our week.

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