Illecillewaet Glacier, Rogers Pass 2019. Touring with the Spaniards

Illecillewaet Ski tour

Rogers Pass and Revy 2019. Skiing with the Spaniards.

Illecillewaet Tour || Asulkan Tour || RMR Slack

This March we had some friends from Spain come to Canada and we had to show them Rogers Pass in the Selkirk Range. With sun in the forecast we thought Illecillewaet would be a good introduction since we could go as far as their Tapas filled legs could take them, or just lap the lower trees. Most opted to climb to 2430m. A mere 1200m climb on day one of touring. Johnny Smoke joined us on this tour.

What’s impressive is that, for some of them, this doubled the amount of elevation they had previously ever climbed. Not bad for a bunch of desk-jockeys fighting jet-lag!!

The Spaniards were – Luis Miguel, Christian, Miguelo, Paco, Antonio, Fritz, Dirk and Miguel. Our destination today was Perley Rock.

View of Illecillewaet from across the valley.

Summer view

Illecillewaet Glacier in Summer of 2007. See more of this hike here.

Spaniards Transit Van. Minus 20 at the parking lot to start – brrrr

We spent an hour making sure they could use their avi gear

Smoke leading the charge.

Then we start our wee jaunt up to the Illecillewaet Glacier.

Miguelo, Luis Miguel, Dirk and Fritz. We go up!

View shot! We could just lap here? Photo by Smoke

Antonio and Dirk, we still go up? yup!

Still going, UP!

Paco relaxing into his pace.

Christian wondering how much further UP do we go? more!

Moving on up! to the sky!

The group at the top. Fritz, Dirk, Luis Miguel, Antonio, Paco, Lee, Miguelo and Christian

Alpine Selfie!

Miguelo skiing down.

Lee heading down.

Christian heading down.

Miguelo heading down.

Miguel didn’t make it to the top, but Smoke got a good shot of him in some pow! Photo by Smoke.

Luis Miguel, Miguelo and I ( Sharon) found a cool route through the moraine.

Through the crux and back to the car!

No photos at the car as it was -20 today! Luckily it warmed up and luckily we found mature powder

1200m climbing, 15km.

Google Earth image of our tour today.
Movescount Profile – Elevation is a bit high… 

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