Asulkan Glacier – Rogers Pass 2019 – Touring with the Spaniards

Asulkan Ski Tour

Asulkan Glacier, Rogers Pass 2019. Touring with the Spaniards

Illecillewaet Tour || Asulkan Tour || RMR Slack

Our tour up Illecillewaet didn’t discourage the Spaniards and they wanted more! So we went up the other side of the Valley to Asulkan Glacier.

Now that the Desk Jockeys had four days of skiing under their belts they were raring to go for another tour!

The Spaniards were – Luis Miguel, Christian, Miguelo, Paco, Antonio and Dirk. Our destination today was Triangle Moraine.

Asuklan side in Summer, we skinned to just below the Glacier below Sapphire col.

A view of Asulkan from the other side of the Valley. We went up the moraine on picture left, and descended the slope between this and the treed ridge.

Heading on up! Snow down low is still good to go!

Route in is a highway!

Antonia, Christian and Paco

Luis Miguel and Miguelo get the first glimpse of the Asulkan.

Luis Miguel and Dirk.

Paco along Asulkan creek

You can see Forever Young couloir picture left. A common destination in this zone.

Looking up towards Sapphire col. We went up the moraine on lookers left, and down the slope lookers right.

Luis Miguel and Christian

Luis Miguel and Paco

Miguelo and Dirk

Dirk and Christian


You can see the Asulkan hut if you look REALLY Hard in the rocky bowl just up from the stand of trees.

Heading down now.


Paco wondering where his PHAT skis are???

Luis Miguel slashing pow

Christian found some!


More Christian doing some Euro Wiggles!

Dirk enjoying the snow with the glacier behind

Christian, not bad snow!

The Spaniards paying homage to the Canadian Flag!

1025m, 16km

Our tracks on Google Earth

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