Revelstoke Mountain Resort – Slack Country Touring with the Spaniards

RMR Touring

Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Touring with the Spaniards

Illecillewaet Tour || Asulkan Tour || RMR Slack

Our tour up Illecillewaet and Asulkan didn’t discourage the Spaniards and they wanted more! This time we explored some zones off Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Its nice to start high and get into the goods without the big approach. But don’t let that make you think the touring here is easy. The terrain is very complex so if you’re not sure where you are going then get yourself a guide. Or at least a good map. And an extra battery for your cell phone, just in case. And good touring gear.

With two days in Rogers Pass, we had three more days to tour with the Spaniards. As not all of them are avid ski tourers, they also had the option for a short tour and to spend the rest of the day lapping inbounds. Since we did get a refresh of snow, we were able to experience some deep smoke Selkirk Pow.

The slack country in RMR is off the Greely/North bowl and near Montana bowl on their ski map.

No one ride up pass unfortunately, so start early to maximize your day!

Ski area map. Red arrow show slack country.

Head up the Stoke chair then walk East. From here you can do short South facing laps, or the longer North facing run.

The keeners.

We go this way!

The lack of snow and high traffic made the traverse a bit challenging.

The Spaniards dropping into Kokanee bowl. From the bottom its a short skin back to the Ninja Traverse.

Unless you’re Lars, don’t go.

Warming hut at the top of the Stoke chair offers a chance to warm up.

Highway Bowl.

After a bit of snow Lee, Luis Miguel and I decided to check out Highway Bowl. This bowl has a few entrances, not all of which are easy. Once in you are committed to a descent 800m Descent and a 560m 2-3 hour skin out back to Greely bowl.

The easy entrance.

Pow reward!

The slog out. Forest was nice!

Luis Miguel putting on the happy face despite the slog on his Marker Dukes!

Best thing about getting into the resort late is skiing down Corduroy as the Sun sets!

Luis Miguel rejoicing with thoughts of Beer and getting off his Marker Dukes!

Wondering if this is lighter then Marker Dukes…

We spent a day lapping Greely bowl. From the top of the Stoke Chair, take the Lemming line and traverse across as far as you can then head down! Short slack country laps can be had across the boundary line. Make sure you have touring gear to get back to the resort.

Christian likes our truck!

Up the Lemming line

Popular spot

Pow in Greely! Miguelo, Christian, Dirk, Paco.

Sharon, Luis Miguel with Paco and Dirk skinning back up.

Stoked Spaniards at the Stoke!

Christian in Pow

Sharon in Pow

Paco in Pow!

Dirk in Pow!

Skinning back inbounds.

Tres Amigos!

Had to end the trip with a real Canadian Experience! Drinking beer in the back of a pickup truck in the RMR parking lot!
Antonio, Sharon, Luis Miguel, Christian, Lee
Fritz, Dirk, Amelia, Migeulo, Paco.

Dinner at Nico’s Pizzeria

We stayed at the Cube. Great affordable place, good service and location.

Kokanee Slack.

Highway Slack. 800m Descent and a 560m 2-3 hour skin out back to Greely bowl.

Greely Laps in yellow.

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