Sunset and Vantage – March 17, 2020

We didn’t think it would be the last ski of the year but there it is and there it was. Shar, Corey, Kris, Jamie and I went out to Cerise Creek to take a look at Vantage Col and investigate the glaciers. Given how sketchy the Cerise crossing we figured that rising temps would put this route on borrowed time.

It was a warm day but travel was superb. We made it out to the Vantage/Twin One col in no time at all. As expected the rising temps meant that access via the glacier direct would expose one to solar effect. Also sastrugi and the glare of settled wind slab up high was visible with the naked eye. I personally didn’t want to spoil my perfect record of skiing the Twin One Glacier in good snow so we opted instead to climb the Anniversary – Twin One ridge to look at some more traditional lines.

We found NW facing snow that was of acceptable quality. We gutted it. It was superbly satisfying. A little early to call it this year but given all circumstances skiing can take a back seat.

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