Sunshine Coast, Powell River Road Trip – West Sechelt Trails

Sunshine Coast and Powell River.

With the sun out and biking season in full swing we thought it would be nice to check out the Sunshine Coast. Its been awhile since we’ve been there and when we do we normally ride onto the Ferry and only ride the trails that are easy to return to the Ferry from.

This time we decided to spend the night and check out West Sechelt trails and Powell River.

We caught the 11:20 Ferry, just in time to go to Persephone Brewery on Stewart Rd, just past the Ferry Terminal. We were able to pick up some beer, unfortunately the Food Truck doesn’t open until 1:00 so we were unable to check it out.

The Sun Coaster event was on the weekend so we just rode on Friday. We did a loop that included climbing the Sun Coaster descent and we rode the technical climbing trails of NMA and Addernach. If you like technical climbing this is the ride for you!

Loaded up on some Brew!

Parking lot at West Sechelt

Climbing up Scatterbones

First descent down Ken’s and Kai’s

Then we climb up NMA – No Modifications

Punchy downs after the punchy ups!

New trails that aren’t on the map as of April 2016.

The next day we head over to Powell River.

We stayed at the Pacific Beach Retreat – Nice room in Porpoise Bay, quiet, easy drive to Sechelt.

We ate at the Lighthouse pub on Marine, good food and service but slow. We also ate at the Restaurant at the Painted boat, good food but small and expensive.

We took the ferry over Friday morning, rode in Sechelt, went to Powell River the following day. On the way back, we took the 5:30 Ferry in Powell River and stayed the night to not be so rushed to catch the 8:30 Langdale Ferry which was full.


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