Sunshine Coast

Due to Lee’s Gimpti-tude, he could not ride. Since we didn’t want leave him behind we decided to DRIVE to the Sunshine Coast to check out the goods in Rob and Kendra’s Shuttle truck! We hooked up with a local guide Darryl to ensure our gravity fed day would be best utilized! Usually when we ride on the SSC we ride onto the Ferry, up the Sprockids park and ride to the Roberts Creek FSR trail area. Today we DROVE to Roberts Creek FSR and had minimal climbing! We still rode pretty much the same trails. We just weren’t as tired afterwards!

Brian on Section 103

Darryl on a Janet Jungle HUCK!

Rob on the same huck


We then made our way to DNA. A fun little trail with a series of nicely sized gaps

That even I could do!

After DNA we headed to Cunning Stunts. A really cool, short elevated trail that is challenging but low risk! A great little trail to practice your skiiny’s!

The Discombobulator

Brian on the discombobulator

After this trail, we headed back up to the top of Section 102 and rode down what we normally climb up to get back to the Ferry and back home for BBQ and Hot Tub!

Sunshine Coast May 14, 2006

Nice trailwork on the Sunshine Coast. I didn’t put this webpage up till mid – October 2006 to respect the builder and the filmers of Kranked 6 – who commissioned the work.

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