CBC Ripper

Now in its 3rd year, the CBC Ripper is the race in the Ripper series that seems to appeal the broadest range of ‘Shore riders of all ages and from all walks of life. There’s something about a timed race down one of the most popular (if not the busiest) trails, with time bonuses for riding stunts and for pulling off tricks that seems to appeal to the most intense and (on the opposite end of the spectrum) the most laid-back mountain-bikers.

Our first Ripper, a relay and/or solo race on 7th Secret on Fromme, sold out. The second Ripper, a Super D held on Seymour also sold out. Since the previous two other CBC Rippers held over the past few years also sold out there was every reason to believe that we would be turning away people on race day. Surprisingly, although 103 people registered prior to race-day, only 81 people raced. It would be interesting  to hear some feed-back on reasons for lower turnout then past years. I know personally of 5 committed registrants that couldn’t race due to injury or flu bug. Also, the weather in the last few days looked dodgy, Thursday’s torrential downpour in Vancouver perhaps in the mind of any last minute registrants. Race day dawned with a high overcast sky but no rain. A high fog bank at the staging area at the CBC parking lot made for a cold morning for volunteers checking racers in but didn’t slow down organizers who had the first group staging and racing by  I’ll let photos tell the rest of the story

Jesus Christ (Kevin Tafts) and Satan (Ryan Walters) showing that its all peace and love among Ripper racers. Continuing the tradition of dominating the BEST COSTUMES awards, Ryan Walters and Kevin Tafts keep topping themselves; this time with their poignant yet compelling graphic commentary  of the good vs evil duality in all of us
Photo ~ Grace Boutillier

Stefan Bohdanowicz, a perennial trail day volunteer and hauler of big rocks finds time to ride a few skinnies. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Dan Skogland finding some typical Seymour “slick” rock. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Pre-race, Jeremy Powers and Earl Allen went in and did some more trailwork to prep CBC and install some barricades to help prevent trail braiding. In this picture, Richard Hall seems to appreciate this work as he makes some speed. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Cam Rogers making a power move on the rocks. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Ken So either had a job interview or a wedding to go to right after the race. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Vincent Beasse was one of the few to get both wheels high on the wall ride. Quote of the day from volunteer course marshall Dave Mackie, “Satan didn’t get high enough but Jesus got it up”. Photo ~ Johnny Smoke

Ryan Dumaresq, who was in such a rush to get going in the morning he didn’t unstrap the sheep and left the shower cap and curlers on. Photo ~ Kevin Jamieson

Some riders from Squamish and Whistler took advantage of the fact that their local clubs and the NSMBA all share the same insurance. You don’t pay extra to ride in each other’s races. Smile of the day from Meghan Illingsworth of Garibaldi Highlands having an A L O H A time. Photo ~ Johnny Smoke

Jacques Godin had the “best moves and most style on the Gerbil Cage”. Photo ~ Johnny Smoke

Aaron Bowman just became a member of Team Shuttlewhore and in typical SW eloquent but confused fashion described the course as “more slippery then a hooker with a chipped tooth”. Huh? Photo ~ David Ferguson

Another member of Team Shuttlewhore Trevor Hawkins was blazingly fast but said that he would have been quicker if he had “more pre-race beer”. Photo ~ Kevin Jamieson

Vincent Beasse ripping. Photo ~ Kevin Jamieson

Arama Jillings had a strong race. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Geoff Pendrell did nothing to dispel the stereotype of Island riders as pretty boys by cross-dressing in a fetching chiffon blue and pink dress. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Eric Anderson and Brent Upson in a traffic jam. Photo ~ David Ferguson

All the way from Washington state, Martin Misted throws down some style. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Another Washington Stater, Matthew Patterson, shows his unique way of dressing for (Ripper) success. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Jason Bond has been in almost every Ripper since last years first race. What brings him back? The “stoke that the NSMBA. NSMB and Dizzy bring to the race”. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Team NSMB was well-represented. Ryan Hayes charges hard here. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Gord Longden broke out some vintage threads for the Ripper. Photo ~ Kevin Jamieson

Young Daniel Crowe-Hutcheon isn’t so young anymore. Busting out no-handers, going for swims in the swamp, no wonder he doesn’t pass anyone!. Photo ~ Kevin Jamieson

Not only did Jesus “get it up” on the wall ride, he also walked over the swamp water. Its a miracle that those sandals stayed on. Photo ~ David Ferguson

Satan enjoying the sweet smell of victory as he beats JC in the race for souls. Photo ~ David Ferguson

The post-race party took place at the Hurricane Grill. I can’t think of anyone who didn’t go home with some swag as the race organizers pulled out all stops. As usual James yelled himself hoarse with prizes, draws and announcements. Perhaps the most anticipated Ripper of last year was the Triple Crown. A format which requires you to pick your own path to checkpoints on all three North Shore Mountains at Seymour, Fromme and Cypress, the Triple Crown is a home-grown made – in – Vancouver epic. You’ll want to set all day, July 8th aside, and break out the ibuprofen. If you’re Team Shuttlewhore (winners of last years’ BEST RIDE PARTY you’ll want to train by drinking lots of beverages while riding.

We’ll let you know when registration is ready for the TRIPLE CROWN.

As always, big thanks to Dizzy Cycles, the nsmbA, Specialized and all Ripper Sponsors, North Shore Search and Rescue, Seymour Parks and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, all the volunteers and the dedicated trail workers that helped make the CBC Ripper a reality.

Results forthis year’s Ripper are shown below by category. Results from the 2004 and 2005

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