Pemberton – Overnight Sensation – Cascade Cream Puff

For some steep rock faces and duffy places Pemberton is the place to go! The ski season is waning, bringing on the riding season! What better place to warm up and get back into it then Pemberton!

Today’s destination was Overnight Sensation and Cascade Cream Puff! The last time we did this loop was last September. Much new work has been done by Pemberton Valley Trails Association – PVTA! They put up new trail head signs so you know where you are! They have a map! They did some much needed work on Overnight Sensation taking away a few otter chutes of doom and replacing them with some nice flowy singletrack!AI nice warm up after the grunt up the logging road for those of us who still climb!

If you ride in Pemberton a lot support them!

A rocky knoll with the Pemberton Valley in the back.  Sven and Dorothy found a wish stick to give them luck and happiness on their trails!

Maya on Overnight Sensation!

Pemberton lushness! Must be spring!

Great utilization of rock for the steep bits!

Typical busting out onto more rocky bluffs.

Then to open rock faces.

Despite the overhanging clouds and some sprinkling, the rock was very grippy!

Another sign of spring…

Just enough chundry gnar to keep things interesting!

Usually the views across the valley are quite stellar. Today the overhanging clouds add a certain mystic!

More rock – ho hum.

Sunday we went skiing on Whistler. No pictures because skiing is DONE. Monday we went back to Pemberton and rode Meat Grinder. A trail just north of Cream Puff. More Steep, more rock more gnar!

Pemberton May 22 2006

Since the skiing SUCKED and the riding ROCKED we went back to Pemberton! One the menu today – Meat Grinder and PHD! We rode Meat Grinder but only half of PHD since it started to rain and well… we’re fair weather riders now…

Here are some pics of Meat Grinder!

Up Ivy Road

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