Telkwa Glacier – Day 6 – Burnie Glacier Chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet, Smithers BC

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George ||
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

Day 6 of our 7 day guided trip to Burnie Glacier Chalet with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Adventures took us to Telkwa Glacier. 

Trip to Burnie Glacier Chalet – March 2019 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Today we got high and stayed high. High enough and cold enough that it felt like winter in the winds on the gargantuan Telkwa Glacier.

Our route had a very big terrain feel giving us views clear all the way SW to the Atna Group (~4200m asl) and W towards Terrace and Oscar Peak.

We did a couple of laps on the Telkwa Glacier then over to the Burnie Glacier where we took in views. Some hotlaps on the Loft Glacier including the S facing Primaloft couloir got us some spring corn to mix in with the low density N faces.

A final NNE lap down the Loft Glacier to get the last taste of glacier pow and the icing on the cake was the wonderful Ptarmigan Surprise to finish off a fine week at Burnie.

1000m Climbing 7:20hrs

The Chalet foyer, where we stored our touring gear.

Morning view of the rising moon

The Telkwa Glacier

Tom and the Kitnayakwa wall

Skinning in the vast openess of space, Sean Fraser leading the way.

Imposing seracs

Taking in the views of Kitna

Gratuitous bootback, cause why not?

Drone footage of the bootback – photo by Lance Pysher

Then we go down

Silky turns


Tom on the Telkwa Glacier

Creamy and dreamy!

We are so small in the daunting vastness. Like pebbles in snow.

Tom takes a crew for a lap on Primaloft couloir.

Georg on Primaloft

Tom on Primaloft

Loft glacier with Primaloft in the back

More silky goodness

Skinning to the bright side of the moon – photo by Paul Lambie

Last apres at the Chalet

George has his priorities, beer, then take off the skis!

Drone footage of the Chalet – photo by Lancy Pysher

The group! Sean,
Adrienne , Daniel, Andy, George, Sharon, Nick, Glade, Lee, Paul, Lance. missing – Paul Moen and Tom Wolfe

These are the pee bottles… yes… One for everyone to pee gently in the night.

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George || 
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

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