Whitecap Alpine – LG98 – Time to Farm

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What weather did we get today? We got it all. Some sun, some graupel, some snow, some wind, some cloud. It was a morning to be treading lightly as I’d cut high above Zdenek’s skin track and easily cut off 10 cm slabs.

We decided to play it safe and stay well away from the wind-loaded high alpine and headed south down the valley to the LG 98 glades close to Star Mountain.. Even in the trees there was 90 – 100 cms in wind-loaded aspects.

Traversing a suspect slope on the way to the LG98 Glades

After Jack put in the mother of all steep skin-tracks we stopped tentatively at about 2100m for our 350m runs down to valley floor to be rewarded by all the snow accumulated over 48 hours of howling storm.

Lee playing in the trees ~photo Pat Mulrooney

Jack getting buried photo ~ Pat Mulrooney

As the day wore on the snowpack got progressively tighter and tighter. Conditions became more stable and our lines correspondingly more aggressive.

Mike assumes the praying mantis position ~photo Pat Mulrooney

Sharon getting buried

Danielle arcing at the end of the day

Danielle and Mike – last run

Up till the end of the day we stayed away from the open bowls instead hitting hallways of trees and steep pillowed protected lines. Our last run brought us to the bowls where we could mach it out.

Zdenek letting er rip

Day 5 route

Day 5 elevation profile

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