Whitecap Alpine – Tombstone Gully – Toilet Bowl Glades

We woke up to a bunch of snow – about 25 to 30 cms at the snow plot and more coming down, snowing at about 1 to 2 cms per hour during the day. Just as the weather forecasts had predicted a low pressure had rolled in. Temperatures had also spiked a bit with minus 5 temps in the morning and riding to minus 2 to minus 1 in the afternoon (later on we found out that it had rained in Whistler up to treeline, while we had no rain at all even in valley bottom).

Lee starting the day off by finding out that Fritschis in tele mode ski poorly downhill.

Visibility was poor so we decided to stick to treeskiing heading up to McGillivray Ridge again. SW winds switching to SE promised to bring lots of snow to the trees.

Louise and Sharmain skinning up ~photo Pat Mulrooney

Lee in Tombstone Gully ~photo Pat Mulrooney

Pat showing his skateboard roots – Tombstone Gully

Toeside in Tombstone

Sharon finding more snow on McGillivray Ridge

Zdenek farming pow

The first run was so good we decided to go for seconds and thirds. Meanwhile the winds picked up even more and it started snowing harder and we started shortening up the runs to avoid windslab city.

Mike skinning up to Toilet Bowl glades

Pat finds shade from the wind

Pat ollieíng a pillow

Zdenek farming more pow. Hey leave some for us!

Zdenek, Mike and I closed out the day by touring down valley to take a look at the runs on McGillivray Ridge feeding off the slopes north of Star Mountain – observing several old but large crowns on those aspects. We then got a beautiful couple of runs down Home Run Bowl on the Standard Ridge aspect on the way back. We got back in plenty of time with lots of appetite to eat more food, drink more beer/coffee/tea and relax in this wonderfully luxurious cabin while the storm brewed and raged outside.

Lee and Zdenek swapping tales

Tours for the day on McGillivray Ridge

Elevation profile for the day

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