Whitecap – Day 4 – Telephone Gullies

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Today we headed West along Standard ridge along the old Telegraph line in search of Pow. From here we accessed the Telephone Gullies and Disco. Our group today was Neil, Lee, Sharon, Jake, Steve

Due to Neil’s AFP powers ( always find pow) we did!

First we had another great breakfast made by our cook Kinley! Everyday she also prepared sandwiches and we were able to choose from an assortment of baked goods, fruit snacks, granola bars and candy.

We head up Standard Ridge and skin towards the Telephone Gullies

Big cornices are forming

We had one pitch to ski down where Lee channelled his inner tele’ier

Across the valley is McGillivary Peak, the other part of our group was led by Lars up McGillivary and Piebiter for a Mountaineering peak bagging tour.

Our group opted to search for powder.

We did finds some nice snow! The Telephone Gullies are a wide slope. You can farm this area all day.

Back on Standard Ridge we can see the other group making there way up McGillivary wallowing in facets as mountaineers like to do.

Lar’s group with Janitha, Georg, Dan ( photo by Janitha)

We skied pow.

A representative Telephone Gully

On Standard ridge looking East. McGillivary on the left.

We ski the more open bowl of Disco. You can still see the telegraph poles on the ridge.

We skin back up for another run in Disco

Then we skin home in the fading light.

You can see the other group on the other side of the valley making there way up to find a good run down.

We head for home.

and Dinner by Kinley!

Lars Chillin’ in his castle

Map of the area. Click for larger map

List of ski runs. Each of these runs can accomodate a group for one or two runs EASILY! It would be hard to ski everything even in one week.

We were late heading out due to fog in Pemberton preventing the Helicopter from flying. We ALMOST couldn’t land!




Tracks from Day 4.

All our tracks

Whitecap Alpine Complete at EveryTrail

Whitecap Alpine January 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


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