Whitecap Alpine – Day 3 – C.O.D.Y Melissa’s and Cruise Control

Today we did a big circle tour to find pow or to just go on a scenic tour. Our group today was Neil, Lee, Sharon, Dan, Georg.

We did find good snow on the runs;
C.O.D.Y – come on Die young
Cruise Control

We ski down McGillivary creek and low and behold there was another animal on the skin track! We think it’s a Cougar or some other cat.

The air here was cold creating some nice looking facets.

We go up C.O.D.Y

We see another group was there last week and could still see the tracks. The terrain here is pretty cool and we did find some good snow!

Lee on C.O.D.Y.



After a couple of runs we continue along an unnamed lake, in a sled track, in Melissa’s bowl. It was pretty windy here.

We stop for lunch in the trees and out of the wind. A couloir in the back which is good to go later in the year.

We skied from the low col in the back – Melissa’s.

We head up the Ridge to Melissa’s.

It got windy up there! (photo by Georg Klein)

Then some bootpacking

We take our skins off to prepare to head down.

Neil goes down!

Dan drop ins.

We go down about half the run and decide to head back up since the snow lower down wasn’t as good.

After touching base with Lars and getting some more data we decided to head down Cruise Control and GOOD CALL! The snow was pretty good!

Lee on Cruise Control.

Looking back up at Cruise control

We skin back up out of the valley in the fading light, again.

Get back to the Lodge for a shower, sauna, snacks, beer and RIBS!



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