Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Mt. Butters

Monday’s forecast was for clear skies and incoming clouds later in the day. Perfect time to attempt one of the highest peaks around the cabin – Mt. Butters.

Named after Frederic King Butters who climbed Mount Butters in 1914.

Apparently the view from there is spectacular.

The weather came in and most of the group opted to start the descent from
the 3000m mark. Another contingent skinned and boot packed to the blustery
summit of 3200m.

First we descend the Waterfall!
Kirk demonstrating some ACMG slope stability testing!

Then we skin up Butters Creek

Pequod Glacier ever in the background

Robson checking in to make sure we have beer when we get back

Rick and Robin join us

Out of the wind our route goes by this cool icefall

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Sheilded from the incoming winds by Butters rocky ridge

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Hiding out for lunch

Blue route is the continuation for the boot packing nuts

Warren’s snot sickle

Brave book packers

Lee at the top. Looks comfy

Heading down

Photo by Arie Vandervelden





Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Battle Abbey Ski Touring – Mount Butters at EveryTrail

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