Decker – Blackcomb Backcountry in April!

More winter spring skiing!

Linda, who we met at Icefall Lodge in February came to Whistler to check out
our winter spring pow!

We were going to head to Pattison, but decided to stay on Decker cause the
snow was pretty darn good!

Spring slides were beginning, not suprising for April 29th…

Stu, Linda and Lee getting ready for the first run.

We sent the Split Boarder off the cornice to check the stability

Stability was ok

Decided to head higher for run two

Nice pow!

Back up to check out 19th hole

First we had to summit Decker.

19th hole had slid, it was steep icy bed surface…

it was nice on the left side though!

Heading back out to 7th.

2011 04 29 decker from Tyler Wilkes on Vimeo.

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