Duffey – Twin one – Matier Ridge

There is a day in the season when you know it is over. That day was today, if not, then for sure tomorrow…

Linda crossing the snow covered bridge over Cerise Creek

Obligatory staring at the peaks shot.

Top of Twin One/Matier the clouds were ominous

fortunately patchy

enough for us to see as we skied down wind hammered crust

Glacier looked cool though!

Enjoying the sun

Oh look, sun crust!

He carried my beer making it all worthwhile!

Back up for the ski out

Look mom! Powder!

Sunday we ski back up Matier Ridge. Our tracks on Twin One don’t look that
bad. Even though you can’t see them!

Shirtless Hero Tyler!

There is some pow in the Sunset Couloirs

Back at the bottom, must be spring and time for beer!

Thus Ends A GREAT 2010/2011 ski season.

2011 05 01 cerise from Tyler Wilkes on Vimeo.

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