Duffey – Joffre NPE Couloir

The Graham Quan farewell tour
Day three of spring brings us back to the Duffey. We are joined today by Stu, Graham (who is moving to Toronto for 5 years for med residency), Tyler and Nigel who is getting into splitboarding.
It’s a bit warmer today but the snow is still stellar.

Heading into the alpine, our objective in the distance

Stop for lunch, Chief Pascal in the back

Joffre ahead

Skinning up

Getting steep!

Time to bootpack. We make Graham take the lead since he’s moving to Toronto!
Might as well start the suffering!

Tyler with Joffre Lakes AGAIN in the background.

Top of the Ridge with Stonecrop, which we skied on Thursday, and Taylor which
we skied on Friday in the background.

At the top

Then we go down – Lee




Looking back at our tracks

Looking down to where we will be making tracks

Lee gets a fresh line

Last open pitch we call the Berlin Wall



Tyler crashing but he gets up!


Berlin Wall

Nigel is DONE!

Back at the car for some cool bevy’s!

Nuclear explosions of pow couloir and berlin wall from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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