El Zur Mountain Bike Park with Old Town Outfitters – Guatemala in November

El Zur – Guatemalas First Mountain Bike Park

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On the western flank of Volcan Agua is a private development called El Zur. This exclusive residential area was envisioned by three American developers  Rex Murphy, Richard Mueller and Bill Murphy in 2007. Their goal is to build a community with amenities centered around trails and nature on the flanks of Volcan Agua. They are taking their time to develop this area to ensure it is done with the right mix of agriculture (they grow coffee here), recreation and community living.

It’s rare to see developers with this kind of long term vision. The outcome is the beginning of an excellent trail system in Guatemala for mountain bikers, hikers, bird watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Two mountain bike trails have been built in El Zur. One is a 20km IMBA style cross country trail built by Todd Branham and Matt Hartell of Old Town Outfitters, this gives you a 1500m descent with a maximum grade of 20%, average grade of 9%. It starts at ~2500m ( you can also start lower depending on the road condition and weather), and ends at 1200m. The Downhill trail, built by Gravity Logic, is shorter at 5km with a maximum grade of 10% and is a much easier shuttle allowing you do ride 2-3+ times in a day.

Since this is a private residential area, only property owners or clients of Old Town Outfitters can access this area. Since Matt was one of the builders of this trail he has exclusive access for Mountain Biking in El Zur.

As part of the tour with Old Town Outfitters your day ends with Burgers and Beers before the drive back to Antigua.

Shuttle from Antigua with Matt

Inside Old Town Outfitters Bike Shop.

Lower Shuttle area of El Zur

The roads were rough with the recent rains, we didn’t make it to the top of the cross country trail.

Push up to the closest entrance

Wes at the top surrounded by Bamboo

One of the creek crossing with SLICK rock, Pablo and Humber

Matt, one of the trail builders, in the bamboo section – Photo by Wes Butler of Backshop Bikes

Lots of turns on this trail

All the rock was brought in to complete this section

Very impressive, and apparently a good view with good vis! Photo by Wes Butler of Backshop Bikes.

Juan ripping the singletrack

Our tail gunner, Arnold.


Matt at the start of the Kudzu section of trail – a real cool lush section, nice find!

Matt, Sharon and Arnold

Sharon, Arnold, Pablo and Humber

Through the garden gates

El Zur – Photo by Wes Butler of Backshop Bikes

At the bottom they provided burgers and beers. Great way to end a ride! Or head up for a lap of the DH trail!

Rex, one of the visionaries and a couple of other DH rippers doing a promotional movie on the DH trail, Lee and Wes. Rex is not only a developer of this area, but his family lives in Antigua and he sees this as his backyard.

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Our ride started lower due to road conditions.


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