Kokanee Glacier Day 3 – Glory Basin Day 4 – Nansen

Kokanee Glacier Hut Trip – Feb 13 – 20th 2014.

Day 3 and 4 Maps and Profiles Glory Basin and Nansen

Day 1&2  Day 5-7

Day 3 and 4 were much the same, good days for touring with bluebird skies. Colder in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Still not warm enough for a corn cycle though

Day 3, Feb. 16th we toured into Glory Basin, Stu, Linda and Jimmy opted for some sick skating off John Carter, Outpost and Sunset Peak, Lee and Glade skated down Sunset Peak, myself, Meg, Jen and Michelle had a nice tour in Glory Basin.
On Day 4, Feb 17th, Lee Michelle and I toured into Nansen and got some decent turns when the snow warmed up. The Backside of Nansen into Robert Smith looks gnarly!

Every day starts and end with a lake ski.


Kane Creek up track


Group heading off to John Carter

View of Giegerich and Nansen

Sunset Peak. We skied into the backside of this in 2008. Sporty.

Lee channels his inner Tele.

Glade channels his inner AT.

Glade and Lee go for a skate down Sunset Peak.


Dining table back at the Lodge.


Michelle preparing dinner at the Lodge.


Living area at the Lodge.


Day 4 Feb. 17th on Nansen. Lee, Michelle and Sharon.

Skinning up Griffen Creek.


Nansen Ridge – hopefully the slope will soften up by the time we get there.


Cool looking ridge.


Lee gets some pow! By avoiding the debris.


Cool shot.


Some nice turns on Nansen.

Backside of above ridge. Gnarly.


Heading towards Robert Smith.


Glory Basin



PDF Maps



PDF Maps

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