Loft Glacier – Day 4 – Burnie Glacier Chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet, Smithers BC

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George ||
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

Day 4 of our 7 day guided trip to Burnie Glacier Chalet with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Adventures took us to Loft Glacier. 

There are four massive serac’ed blue-ice glaciers close to the Chalet (Burnie, Loft, Sandpiper, Telkwa) and two smaller sub-glaciers, Outer and Middle Solitaire. 

Today we got to Loft Peak in plenty of time to take in the view of the Shakespeare group to its south and the massive broken Sandpiper. Loft’s N face provided us creamy spring snow followed by a well timed corn cycle down Ptarmigan slope to finish through the trees and the challenging Ptarmigan Surprise!

1300m climbing in 6:20hrs.

Another finished breakfast

Helping out with dishes

Heading up to Loft Glacier

Dwarfed by Hut Peak

Loft glacier and hiding from the intense March sun

Andy takes in the Howson range.

Last skin up to the peak. Didn’t need ski crampons here.

Alpine Beer!

Tom getting all Shakespearean

Chilling on Loft Peak at 2165m

Tom skiing down Loft

Our tracks off Loft

Lee skiing down Loft

Glade skiing down Loft

Lance skiing down Loft

Georg skiing down Loft

Daniel skiing down Loft

Paul skiing down Loft

The Ptarmigen Surpise. Not always this sketchy

Skinning along the swamp, Loft peak now far above

Creeks are getting sketchy!

Nice skin through the trees back to the beer, er I mean chalet.

Chalet at night.

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George || 
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

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