Middle Solitaire Glacier – Day 2 – Burnie Glacier Chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet, Smithers BC

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Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

Day 2 of our 7 day guided trip to Burnie Glacier Chalet with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Adventures assisted by Sean Fraser of Hyland Backcountry took us to up to Middle Solitaire for a long continuous run and a view to the Telkwa Glacier.

The weather we had for this trip offered us SPECTACULAR views of the surrounding glaciers and peaks. Snow below 1300m was isothermic, but higher up it was still winter. We did have to protect ourselves from the intense sun.

1350m climbing in 6:30hrs.

Getting ready in the morning.

Day 2 Middle Solitaire Glacier tour. Tom Wolfe from Sawback Adventures. Also guiding, Sean Fraser. The group - Lee, Sharon, Glade, Andy, Lance, George, Paul Lambie, Paul Moen, Daniel Bourque, Nick Chagnon. Our cook was Adrienne
Skin up with the regular view.

The group!

We are so small.

Sean and Paul heading up.

Then we go down on creamy spring snow.



Skiing with the Burnie Glacier in view.

Burnie Glacier view.

We are so small.

Glacier cave of the Burnie Glacier.

Apres by the Chalet!

Dinner by Adrienne

Desert by Adrienne!

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George || 
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

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