Revelstoke – Bikefest Revelstoke – Keystone Standard Basin

BikeFest Revelstoke is a celebration of Revelstoke’s trails and the mountainbiking scene held this year in the long weekend in the first week of August. Not needing much excuse to visit Revy and bike its trail treasure (as we did in the previous Pinkbike writeup) we were stoked to book it out of Vancouver and head halfway across the province.

Keystone Standard Basin was our first ride. We rode here for the first time in 2002, when it was one of the worst kept alpine secret gems in the region. Finally the trail was outed in a “Kootenay Rockies” guidebook as being located North of Revelstoke. Once you’ve been here, ridden the trail and soaked up the experience you can understand why the secret got out. Since then we’ve been back 3 times (2007, 2008 and now, 2014). The Keystone Standard trailhead is located 50km up Hwy 23, then 15km up the logging road (route description here). You get to the parking lot at 1750m and a short jaunt up a trail into the alpine. If you hit it right you’ll be riding through alpine flowers; we did!

With the increased use by bikers this trail has seen some maintenance by local volunteers but still has kept its character as an out-and-back gem characterized by easily accessed alpine singletrack and stunning views . We were joined by longtime local Doug Sproul who was part of the crew that worked on the trail.

Getting out of the Valley with Baker in view

Where to Stay

Previously we’ve always stayed at the Wadey Campground, but with the long weekend, Singletrack6 and baseball games going on we opted to stay at the comfort of the Best Western Plus. It was nice to enjoy the air conditioning, swimming pool and buffet breakfast each day! It seems that Best Western delivers outstanding quality at least in Revy both in summer and winter. That fact is recognized by others as rooms book up early in busy times of the year so plan and plan ahead if you want to avail yourself of one of their monster comfy beds!

Thanks to Sarah W and Ryan for the hospitality. Many thanks and applause to both Samantha and Serenity who both kept such superb composure when basically the entire Trans Canada corridor lost internet connectivity the day before the long weekend!

Front Desk, Bikes in the Truck in the parking lot! FOOD!

Start of the Keystone FSR.

Trailhead, Horseflies were fierce!

Once in the Alpine the flowers were going off! Hard to concentrate on riding with these views. Monashees in the background

Doug ambling along cruising to Keystone Peak

Heck yeah the Pivot in the alpine

Pano ( click to see larger image)


Rerouted section of trail

Classic trail shot with view looking south to the Monashees

Old school hiking switchbacks!

Old school!

Glaciers still present in these parts.

Forever trail

Great rock bridge put in by a crew that Doug was a part of four years ago!

Nice to ride by the meandering creeks

and the verdant meadows

Classic Keystone shot by some of Dougs rock work.

Where the trail goes, Czar follows.

Mt Sir Sandford – the big dog of the Selkirks looming in the background as Lee and Doug channel the Northern Selkirks Traverse

We stopped for a dip in the lake on this hot hot August day.

Revelstoke – Keystone Standard Basin at EveryTrail

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