Rogers Pass – Swiss Trip – Loop Brook

Day Four was supposed to be snowing and cloudy. It started out that way then the clouds dispersed and we got some good vis to check out an area we hadn’t skied before – Loop Brook and Bonnie Glacier. You can make a loop of this from Sapphire col by traversing across the Lily Glacier and out Loop Brook.

Looming skies

Mountain Shadows

and Lichen

Looking towards the Dome, Lily Glacier – Asulkan Valley is behind this ridge.

Nice open slopes once you’re out of the creek.

Bonney Glacier skiing, or close to the Glacier anyway.

Looking across at Ross Peak.

Looking down Loop Brook Valley

Off a ridge and into a more open gulley and easy exit to the creek.

Skiing out by the old Train Stone bridge supports. Relics of Rogers Pass railway past.

Two pictures from NRC Gullies on our 5th day. Only 700m climbing in 2.5 hrs. Background is Bonney Glacier and Loop Brook, we skied in the center of the picture the day before.

Easy NRC Gulley shots.

Loop Brook – 1200m, 5 hours, 12km. Nice rest day.

Rogers Pass – Bonnie Glacier at EveryTrail

Video of Loop Brook and some from NRC Gullies on our 5th day. Only 700m climbing
in 2.5 hrs.

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