Duffey – Cayoosh North Glacier, Million Dollar and Marriot

The forecast was for blue skies so we decided to do some camping in the Duffey! We had explored quite a bit of the south side of the road, now we wanted to check out some of the north side, so we headed to Cayoosh.

Targeting the Million Dollar Couloir we skinned up the North Glacier since we accessed Million Dollar couloir from the East Glacier on our last trip.

Navigating the glacier was pretty straight forward. Across the valley you can see the ridge separating Marriot basin from Cayoosh.

Once on the ridge accessing Million Dollar Lee shows his new Yoga SKILZZ

Joffre’s looking grand in the background

Then we head across the ridge.

And down we go!

Looking back up.

Gavan was here two years ago and skied a lot. Since then he’s been working
in a decompression chamber, surfing and doing some cross fit. Doesn’t quite
prepare you for ski touring!

The next day we go back up to the same area but instead we drop down into
Marriot basin

Heading into Honey Blond. Not a lot of pics cause vis was crappy.

On our way back we drop into the west facing slopes into Cayoosh

Day three we head out and ski on the south side cause we weren’t expecting much, but it snowed more then expected and Chief Pascal delivered!

Million Dollar Couloir

Pascal Trees

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