Economic Impact Assessments of Mountain Biking Tourism


This is a collection of literature (both academic and non-academic) having some connection to economic impacts of mountain-biking.   In the articles I attempt to analyze the literature and abstract data to the extent practicable and possible to allow for some very rough comparative analysis between regions, countries and times.   There are no standardized baselines for comparison so I used my own judgment to come up with categories that would hopefully make sense.

These articles, the analysis within and the methodology are rough and ready.  Criticism and input are welcome.    I’ve been told that the information within has been useful for trail advocates and for tourism organizations – which I expected.  Much to my surprise, I’ve also been told that movie makers, photographers, grant-writers, government organizations and other research houses have also found the data useful so that has been particularly gratifying.

The information within is donated freely for what its worth.  If you could cite the source I would be grateful.

Thanks to Pinkbike (particularly Ty and Radek) for letting me have a huge web audience with which to share this information and for letting me scratch both the data-analysis and bike advocacy geek within me at the same time.



For an article to be published on Pinkbike in Summer 2016. See the article for analysis

British Columbia

Kamloops – email Larose Research and Strategy to request a copy

Bridge River – 2012 Bridge River Valley Tourism Workshop Report final

BC Bike Race – 2014 BCBR EI report – Draft 1

Northern BC – full report 2014 MBTA-Northern-BC-Mountain-Bike-Recreation-Tourism-Development-Strategy-12042014 and survey – 2014 Northern BC EIA draft Mountain Bike Riders Survey Summary Report Oct 15 2014

Revelstoke – 2014 Revelstoke BC MacphersonEconomicImpactStudyRecovered


Coldwater Alabama – 2012 Coldwater – Alabama 2012 Coldwater-Bike-Trail-economic

Oakridge, Oregon – 2014 Oakridge OR June 2014The_Impacts_of_Mountain_Bike_Tourism_in_Oakrige_Oregon


Tasmania, Australia – 2013 – Tasmania Potential for Mountain Biking in North Eastern Tasmania – March 2013

Graubuenden, Switzerland – 2015 Graubunden HB_grBIKE_2.211_Befragung-der-bestehenden-Mountainbike-Gaeste 2015

Taupo – 2013 Taupo NZ Assessment_of_Taupo_Cycling_Economic_Impact_2013-08-12(1) and Rotorua, New Zealand – 2016 Rotorua NZ Crankworx – Economic Impact Assessment and Visitor Analysis of the Event on Rotorua

General information

Scotland historical re mountain bikers as a target market – 2005 Scotland cyclin mbikingsummary_2005 and EIA re mountain biking in general – 2009 Scotland Economic-Impact-of-Mountain-Biking-Final-Report

New Zealand historical case study for the Manawatu Region re planning – 2007 New Zealand jost0080097

UK profile of all mountain bikers – 2007-8 UK Mtb tourism participant characteristics DISSERTATION_MICHAL_GAJDA and general EIA for all cycling (impossible to carve out mountain biking) 2014 UK A Systematic review and meta-analyses of the potential local economic impact of tourism and leisure cycling

BC general re marketing to mountain bikers – 2008 BC Mountain Biking Tourism Association 2008 mbtguide08_web and re Tourism Marketing plan – 2010 Mountain-Bike-Tourism-Plan-March-2010-Final

Parks Canada re profile of mountain bikers – 2010 Mountain-Bike-Tourism-Plan-March-2010-Final

Arizona re economic impacts of all human powered recreation – 2011 Arizona Human Powered Recreation Study 041211 and re impacts of all cycling (primarily road) – 2013 ArizonaTrail_Study_71-bicycle-impact-arizona

Jackson Hole re economic impact of all trail users – exec summary 2011 Jackson Hole JHTP_ExecutiveSummary and full study 2011 Jackson Hole kaliszewski_JHTP_final

Wales – EIA of all outdoor recreation (impossible to carve out mountain biking) – 2014 Wales The-Economic-Impact-of-Outdoor-Activity-Tourism-in-Wales-Visit-Wales-March-2014

Washington state re re economic impacts of all outdoor recreation (impossible to carve out mountain biking)- 2015 Washnigton state EconomicAnalysisOutdoorRec



Yukon historical comparative – Yukon 1995 Koepke study PotentialforMtnBikeTourisminYT2004

New Zealand historical – 1995 New Zealand Cessford Mountain biker profiless sr93

British Columbia (Sea to Sky)

British Columbia (Other)

British Columbia (General)

United States


United Kingdom

New Zealand


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