Rogers Pass – Feb 6th 2009 Rogers Run

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We head back to the land of pow for 2009 for a week. The plan was to ski out of the Glacier Lodge for the weekend with Tyler then head into the Asulkan hut for 3 nights and check out the high glacier country of the Asulkan Drainage. With the current conditions of little new snow, high winds and variable temperatures we decided to stick around the Lodge and ski out of it for a week to take advantage of more opportunities and go where the snow is good.

Here is our story.

We started skinning up the Connaught Drainage to see how high we could get heading towards Rogers Run. We’ve accessed Little Sifton from this route on a previous trip, but this time we headed East too soon. Tyler headed the charge since he’s young, eager and Lee was sick. He heard some whumping and saw some cracks at 1400m in the Trees! We dug a pit and found a facet layer 30cm down which was the cause of this whumping. We decided to keep going since Lee’s loading of convexities didn’t produce results.

It snowed off and on all day.


Lee and Tyler making their way up!

The trees got thicker and the slopes got steeper and we weren’t even at the cliffy section yet…

Tyler finding the route through the trees!

When the going got too steep we did what any skier would do. Took of the skins and headed down!

Not bad snow on Rogers Run!





Looking back at the slope of Rogers Run and Puff Daddy. The day was like this clouds, snow, maybe sun but no!

Our tracks in yellow. The way point would be a good run if you could get to it from the top. A better way to access this area is from the Hermit Parking lot and heading back towards this area from the Blue track. .

Short day – 540m of climbing in 5 hours!

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