Kokanee Glacier 2016 – Flying in and Smugglers

Kokanee Glacier Ski Trip – Jan 23rd – Jan 29th 2016

Day 1 – Flying in and Smugglers Ridge.

Thanks Geoff for organizing the trip this year! We had great snow and many days when we could see enough to really get familiar with the area around Kokanee Glacier and make us want to go again.

This year for our comfort, we also brought in a fitted sheet for the matresses and a lighter sleeping bag. This was great for a good comfortable sleep.

On this trip we had – Sharon, Lee, Linda, Stu, Glade, Jen, Geoff, Chris, Graham, Gareth, Meg, Sasha, Doug and Jesse. Our cook was Moe of Moes Mountain Cuisine. Kevin Giles was the Custodian again this year along with Copper.

Useful links

Day1-FlyinSmugglers || Day2-EnchantedValley || Day3-Battleship || Day 4-SmugglersRadioRidge || Day 5-Happy Valley || Day 6-Griffen || Day7-Smugglers

Day one we did a short tour to Smugglers bowl, dug a pit and were confident in our results as it showed no surprises.   So we did a couple of runs and headed back to the hut.

Jeff flew us in again.

The Key Hole from the Helicopter

Snowing lightly as we arrived.

The old Slocan Chief Cabin, its now a museum.

We dug a pit, had good results then shredded pow! Jesse.



Jesse set off a size 2 on the steeper section of Field of Dreams off the Pyramid.  Not surprising given the storm snow and MF stellars layer at 20cm. I skied down after him.

Google Earth Image of our route.

Elevation Profile.

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