Kokanee Glacier 2016 – Robert Smith Enchanted Valley

Kokanee Glacier Ski Trip – Jan 23rd – Jan 29th 2016

Day 2 – Nansen to Robert Smith and Enchanted Valley

The visibility looked not bad so we thought we’d head to the alpine to see how it was fairing in the Selkirks. Unfortuantely the light was flat and the alpine wind affected so we opted to drop into a benched slope of Robert Smith and do a couple of laps in there. The snow in the trees was much better then above so we headed to the Enchanted Ridge area and did a couple of laps in deep pow.

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Large photo of Nansen Backside into Robert Smith. Lookers right chutes accessed from above treeline on Nansen. We came down lower benched slopes on lookers left. So much potential here… (click on image to see full width photo)


Crossing Kaslo Lake


Lots of wind in the alpine

We take a benched slope into Robert Smith, some upper layer sluffing.

Good snow

Taking a break and looking back at where half of our group entered.

Skinning up Enchanted Ridge. Lots of options on Robert Smith in the background.

Gareth on Enchanted Ridge

Graham on Enchanted Ridge

Graham on Enchanted Ridge

Geoff Falk on Enchanted Ridge.

Jesse on Enchanted Ridge

Lee on Enchanted Ridge

Watch out for the holes in the rocks!

View from Griffen, Robert Smith in the back with our tracks.
Another knob of Robert Smith with potential.


Google Earth Image


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