Kokanee Glacier 2016 – Smugglers, Helen Deane and Kalmia Lake

Kokanee Glacier Ski Trip – Jan 23rd – Jan 29th 2016

Day 4 – Smugglers and Radio Ridge

Today the weather was overcast, but still cool. In the morning Lee and I did a beacon search in the Kokanee Beacon Basin, then we headed out towards Smugglers bowl to explore that area. We did two runs off the Apron, snow was pretty good, but the winds were howling! We then did a run down to Helen Deane Lake and off Kalima Lake or Radio Ridge to Keen Creek. The snow at tree line was again the best.

Useful links

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The comfort of the lodge

Lee on snowshoes heading to Beacon basin

Heading to Smugglers with Sunny Smugglers and Happy Valley in the back.

Skiing down Heli Surface, the Apron

More Apron

Sunny Powder Run into Helen Deane, nice 100+m shots.

Powder Station from Kalmia Lake into Keen Creek

Powder Station from Kalmia Lake into Keen Creek

On our way out of Keen Creek we saw Kevin and Copper heading down to check out the power station.

Kokanee Lodge at night

Google Earth Image




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