Kokanee Glacier 2016 – Sunny Smugglers and Bonanza Bowl

Day 5 – Sunny Smugglers and Happy Valley – Bonanza Bowl

Today the weather was again overcast and warming. Since the best snow was in the trees and above 1900m we opted to check out Sunny Smugglers and Bonanza bowl in Happy Valley. Sunny Smugglers was good, bit heavy, so we toured into Bonanza bowl figuring the slightly more eastern facing slopes would be better and they were!

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Radio Ridge – Potential! We came down on the far lookers right, you can also enter via far lookers left, or find your route through the cliffs!

East facing laps of Bonanza Bowl, nice 200m shots.

Pow on Radio Ridge

Lee not getting enough speed on Radio Ridge

Run on Sunny Smugglers

Refuel with a Mo Bar

First run on Bonanza on a more treed slope

Before venturing to the more open slopes. You can see another group on Sunny Smugglers!


Dinner after skiing – Photo by Jesse Puddicomb

Google Earth Image

Elevation Profile

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