Yukon Ho – Dempster Day 5 – Rainy Drive Back on the Dempster in Stellar Fall Colours

Day 5 – Driving back to Dawson City in the Flaming Fall Colours of the Dempster.

On Friday the rain continued. We lay in the tent hoping it would stop, but alas no. Guess we won’t try to ride Hare Mountain today, just a hike. We pack up and drive back to Dawson. We hope the rains would keep people away, but all the accommodations in Dawson were booked on this Friday of the Labour Day Long weekend so we ended up staying in the Riverside Hostel, which wasn’t bad in a pinch. Fall colours on the Dempster were turned up a notch! What a change a few days made

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Packing up in the rainy Rock River Campground – notice how clean the truck is.


Fall colours were turned up a notch today! Could have been the clouds? 412km mark is where we drove in and could have ridden but did a short hike instead.



Mt. Hare

Mt. Hare colours

Nuggy shot in Mt. Hare colours



Just past Eagle Plains, you could get back to Whitehorse in a pinch.

Despite its reputation, the Dempster Highway is a great road to drive!


Good example of how thick the gravel layer over the permafrost is along the route.


Moody conditions prevail.


Finally we see a moose on the Ogilvie river at about 328km mark! We were far away and it looks like he saw us too.


Parking at the Surfbird Microwave tower – what a difference a couple of days make!


Tombstone Fall Colours.

Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Tombstone Fall Colours.


Back to the start of the road.


We arrive in Dawson City at 5:00 with all the hotels booked, so we stay in the Hostel across the river.


Dirty Toyota and bikes! Remember what it looked like in the morning? Much cleaner…


The Dawson City River Hostel – looks like a work in progress since the 60s

After spending a rainy night in Dawson we drive the Top of the World Highway through the most Northern border crossing, through Chicken Alaska and spend the night in Tok, Alaska. The next day we drove to Haines Junction for a couple rides in Kluane National Park.


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