Yukon Ho – Dempster Day 4 – Continental Divide Hike and NWT Diversion

Day 4 – Continental Divide Hike, NWT and the Fall Colours are starting!

We get up to overcast skies and warm weather. We are in no rush today as the days are long. Lee plays in Rock River making his little dams and stuff creating a nice pool for me to view while I chilled. We drive to the border of NWT and the Yukon, determine it’s not rideable so we go for a hike. We then drive 25km into the North West Territories to the Gorge. Past this point you descend 853m in 51km to the Mackenzie Lowlands which is flat and not really that interesting to drive unless you want to go to Inuvik. Lee managed to get a ride off a small knob near the Peel River Gorge and also at Mt Hare which we were planning to ride the next day.

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Lee the water master who cannot sit still.


Richardson Mountains at the Continental Divide.


Border of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.


Lee tries to ride the Tussocks; not very impressive riding in this waterlogged area Instead we climb to the top of this mound of rocks which is the Continental Divide.


Just before the border is this plaque, we parked here for our hike.


Pretty rocky hike!


With an incredible view


Looking North towards the NWT.


Enjoying our Yukon Brewing Ice Fog and Yukon Gold after the hike!


View down the Dempster looking North from Wright Pass



Top of a Microwave tower 24km into the NWT at the Peel Gorge Canyon. From here the road descends 853m in 51km to the Mackenzie Lowlands.


Lee goes for a ride down the rocks from the Microwave tower.


Gyr Falcon at the top of the Microwave tower at the Peel Canyon Gorge.


As we head back North we look at the rocky mound we hiked up.


We drive to 412km mark to check out the fall colours and riding possibilities at Hare Mt. The weather deteriorates during the afternoon.



Hare Mt Hike Microwave tower.

Lee checks out the riding potential, maybe tomorrow we go further weather permitting!


Poem on the Yukon Gold Can.

We head back to Rock River Campground and plan to head back tomorrow. If the weather is good we’ll go for a ride and then head back to camp again at Tombstone Campground…. more to follow.

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