Yukon Ho – Part 4 – Whitehorse and Carcross Mountain Biking

Part 3 Mountain Biking in Whitehorse and Carcross

We arrived in Whitehorse at about 5:00 after leaving Skagway and Haines at 11am; turns out that its a short but incredibly scenic route. Since it’s light so late here we were able to ride the new upper trail in the Mt. Mac area – Starbucks Revenge. Anthony and Alex spent about three years routing and building this trail. It’s great! The next two days we rode in Carcross, one day on the lower trails and the second day we rode ANOTHER new alpine trail – Macdonald Creek Trail.

Inside Passage Ferry and Intro || Stewart Cassiar Hwy to Dempster || Dempster – Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4 – Day 5 || Dawson to Kluane, the Kluane Flight and Golden Circle || Riding in Whitehorse and Carcross || Northern BC – Nonda Ridge  and Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Carcross, Yukon – September 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Starbucks’ Revenge & Goat – Whitehorse Sept 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Sharon on Starbucks Revenge.


Alex, one of the builders and Don the dog on Starbucks Revenge.


Alex and Tony on Starbucks Revenge


This is a 20 year old trail in Whitehorse…insane

The GoldRush Inn in Whitehorse provided much appreciated comfort and delightfully decorated accommodations in our stay.

Nice place but warm.

Carcross! Carcross is a town 40 minutes drive from Whitehorse. Its main industry is tourism; mostly from cruise ship traffic from the Skagway White Pine area and from outdoors recreationalists from the surrounding area drawn to Carcross’s lakes and mountains.

10 years ago in cooperation with Whitehorse locals the town and the CTFN (Carcross – Tagish First Nation), through the Singletrack to Success programme, slowly and painstakingly started developing a network of multi-use trails. Over the years mountainbikers have found out about Carcross’s insanely high quality of trails and have travelled there to ride.


View from across the lake.


Wayne Roberts on Wolverine

Lee on the Mossy Sam McGee


Incredible trail signage for such a small town!


New alpine trail – 10km long, 700m elevation loss!

900ft bridge on a flat section of trail.


Fall colours were coming


Bennett Lake comes into view on Macdonald Creek Trail


Lee on Macdonald Creek Trail.

We return on the new traversing Waynes World trail instead of the railway tracks back to Carcross. It’s pretty long and XC so save some energy for this.

Relics of the past on Waynes World


Trail map which you can get from the Visitor Centre


The trails on Mt McIntyre are built for all users. In the winter it’s a cross country ski area, in the summer a mountain bike area. We can all get along!

Multiple users enjoy these trails built and maintained for all.


New bomber bridge on Mt. Mac.

We then head South East back to Northern BC to check out some riding there.

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